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At last, managers have one less thing to worry about! We’ll handle the DJ bookings + added promotion to your marketing efforts. We work closely with our clients to provide a unique DJ booking experience.

  • First, we seek to understand your business/organization’s goals with DJ entertainment

  • Second, we’ll strategically curate a roster of DJs who we believe make a good fit for your event

  • Third, we’ll handle all of the DJ booking management and logistics

  • Lastly, for events that are open to the public, your business/organization will receive a promotional push through CSDJ media channels. Content is created in house.

We specialize in working with

  • Music Venue Managers

  • Retail Managers

  • Brands

  • Event Coordinators

You can refer to our official Church Street DJ roster for DJ booking recommendations. Don’t worry, if you’re preferred DJ is not listed, just let us know! Our growing reach of DJs span from NYC, Boston, Montreal, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond.




"Church Street DJs has proven their professionalism in customer service; exceptional knowledge in providing quality DJ entertainment for our customers and staff; and they're motivated to help leverage our restaurant's image to be more defined in the local night life scene. The CSDJ brand is rapidly growing a positive influence in Burlington, therefore our customers are excited to attend CSDJ productions at our venue. We have received countless positive reviews since hiring CSDJ, and it is a plus that in addition to their DJ booking management services, they offer promotional services too, such as: posting plans; event photography; video production; etc. We're excited in continuing to enhance the RiRa experience through our work with Church Street DJs!"


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